Writer: Tracey Harrington McCoy


I love fashion and entertainment — and everything in between. The Hot Pink List is a forum to reveal my favorite designers, shoes, handbags, lip glosses, blushes, tanning powders, TV shows, books, movies, actors, actresses, and cocktails. There’s no rhyme or reason–just what I’m loving that minute. Each of these comprise The Hot Pink List. The things that make life more fun.

After years of celebrity reporting and online media publishing, I’m now a freelance writer. In addition to my ongoing gigs, I wanted a place to write and promote the things I love/adore/covet. Thus, The Hot Pink List was born.

Hope you enjoy (and feel free to share some of your own favorite things!)






  1. Melia

    Awesome, I didn’t know that you had this blog! Adding it to my Reader now. And I echo Megan’s thought above. What a gorgeous picture of you, pretty lady!

  2. Cristina Miller

    So much fun! Don’t know where I’ve been….didn’t know you had this. Love love love it! Hope you are well! xo Tina

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