Welcome to the Hot Pink List

How hot are these shoes? They're the same YSLs in the header...

I love clothes. And shoes and handbags. And scarves and coats and boots. I also love make up. And movies. God, I love a good movie. And good TV! And cocktails and a great white ale. I love it all.

I also like to write, so I’m combining all of this into a blog. I didn’t want to focus on JUST fashion or JUST entertainment so I’m doing both. Back in a former work life, I created the idea of ‘The Hot Pink List’ as a girlie list of all my favorite things. I liked the name then and still like it now so I’m hacking it and using it again here for my blog.

My goal is to update this daily with something: a dress I love, a bag I covet, a TV show clip that made me laugh, a must-see movie suggestion, or a cocktail recipe I think you should try. I’m excited and can’t wait to start.

Introducing… The Hot Pink List!

One comment

  1. Melia

    Love the name of the blog. I also love that I can get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a fashion maven, as I sit here in my jeans and hoodie and running socks, working from home. I keep thinking that I’ll become more fashionable one day, but I think it’s too much effort for me. I’m content to live vicariously through people like you! I’ll be reading.

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