Celebrity Check Plus: Megan Fox

I went through a phase where I really liked Megan Fox. I thought she was crazy hot, funny, and pretty open about how she felt about things which I think is kinda refreshing (even if everyone else thinks it’s a bit abrasive.)

But soon enough, I got a little bored with her. Mostly because she was EVERYWHERE. But then she dropped out of sight(ish), went to Hawaii, and got married. And we didn’t hear peep from her. Granted, her ‘Johah Hex’ press tours are done and she’s got nothing to promote so there’s no real reason we should be hearing from her, but still, she’s stayed somewhat under the radar and it’s been a nice break.

Anyway, she popped up last night at the VH1’s Do Something Awards and she looked ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

Megan Fox Dress

Megan Fox in an Azzedine Alaia dress and matching Brian Atwood heels

Even longtime Megan Fox haters can’t deny that she looks fabulous here. Her dress–a modest, pretty, and sweet Azzedine Alaia–is so unlike her regular red-carpet gear that it’s almost jaw dropping in its effect.The color is unusual–and perfect with her sunkissed skin, dark hair, and perfectly-applied makeup. Even the matchy-match Brian Atwood shoes look good.

Fox looks mature–and it’s becoming on her. It’s proof she can pull off pretty, NOT just sexy and/or sultry.

I hope this is the first of many sharp looks to come.

Megan Fox in an Azzedine Alaia dress and matching Brian Atwood heels at VH1 awards

Megan Fox looking pretty and mature at the VH1 Do Something Awards


  1. Gilliebean

    She does look pretty here. I don’t hate her dress or her overall look. Even as a longtime Megan Fox hater, I can admit that. I generally like her red carpet dresses and she IS pretty… but I also think she’s a terrible actress and kind of useless. Too mean?

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