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Hot New Find: Hamilton & Co Scarves

Normally when I visit San Francisco, I have a really hard time packing: the weather is all over the place and it’s difficult to pack for warm and cold weather, particularly when you’re not checking a bag. But I didn’t have this problem on my last visit because I’d recently purchased my new favorite accessory, a Hamilton & Co. scarf.

Terrah Hamilton is the designer and creator of Hamilton & Co. scarves. I met her through my job and she’s super sweet–and has a very stylish eye. During a visit to the corporate office, I noticed all the girls were rocking these super cute scarves… and then I realized that one of the girls wearing them was making them! A few months later, I ordered my first one.

Hamilton scarves are very unique. Instead of one long piece of material, Terrah creates unusual and eye-catching designs–usually through the cutting or layers of material. The scarf I ordered was black and made of t-shirt/jersey material. But instead of being one long piece, the scarf is actually comprised of several strips of material that are bound in one spot but lay free otherwise. I wear mine looped around my neck one time so the layers add some volume, but I’ve seen photos on the Hamiton & Co site of people wearing them long to the waist. Sound confusing? Here’s a pic:

Hamilton & Co. Scarf

This accessory was the perfect finishing touch to almost every outfit I wore while in San Francisco. Almost everyone I saw complimented it. I can’t wait to get a second one in some funky color or material. Terrah is always adding new materials and hues; in fact, she introduced some tie-dye earlier this year.

Tie-Dye Hamilton & Co Scarf

Here’s a link to her blog that features photos and some of her inspirations. Terrah sells her creations in several boutiques in Memphis and on her shop online. Hamilton & Co. is also on Facebook.

The scarves range between $40-$60.