Hot New Find: Hamilton & Co Scarves

Normally when I visit San Francisco, I have a really hard time packing: the weather is all over the place and it’s difficult to pack for warm and cold weather, particularly when you’re not checking a bag. But I didn’t have this problem on my last visit because I’d recently purchased my new favorite accessory, a Hamilton & Co. scarf.

Terrah Hamilton is the designer and creator of Hamilton & Co. scarves. I met her through my job and she’s super sweet–and has a very stylish eye. During a visit to the corporate office, I noticed all the girls were rocking these super cute scarves… and then I realized that one of the girls wearing them was making them! A few months later, I ordered my first one.

Hamilton scarves are very unique. Instead of one long piece of material, Terrah creates unusual and eye-catching designs–usually through the cutting or layers of material. The scarf I ordered was black and made of t-shirt/jersey material. But instead of being one long piece, the scarf is actually comprised of several strips of material that are bound in one spot but lay free otherwise. I wear mine looped around my neck one time so the layers add some volume, but I’ve seen photos on the Hamiton & Co site of people wearing them long to the waist. Sound confusing? Here’s a pic:

Hamilton & Co. Scarf

This accessory was the perfect finishing touch to almost every outfit I wore while in San Francisco. Almost everyone I saw complimented it. I can’t wait to get a second one in some funky color or material. Terrah is always adding new materials and hues; in fact, she introduced some tie-dye earlier this year.

Tie-Dye Hamilton & Co Scarf

Here’s a link to her blog that features photos and some of her inspirations. Terrah sells her creations in several boutiques in Memphis and on her shop online. Hamilton & Co. is also on Facebook.

The scarves range between $40-$60.


  1. Meredith (one of the girls who loved your scarf)

    So, yeah, the scarves rock….Tie-dye? Fab. Gauzette?…Kinda gorgeous. The black one you rocked?…Superb.

  2. shampoosolo

    I am now equally devoted. The fact that I could take it out of the packaging and immediately put it on with my current outfit is just one sign of how versatile these are. Thank you so much for the amazing bday gift!!

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