Yes! Glee Is Back Tomorrow!!

Puck (Mark Salling)

Let’s get it out of the way: Puck is hot.

Now that we’ve taken care of that…. GLEE IS BACK TOMORROW! Yay! Their four month hiatus was way too long. Not only did I watch old episodes, but I was forced to buy almost all of the Glee songs on iTunes just to get my Glee fix each week. I even DVR’d Oprah last week to see her Glee show (which was awesome by the way.)

Every character on this show is good, but my absolute favorite is Rachel. Lea Michelle can sing. And she’s pretty funny. Not to mention how she killed it on the red carpet during award season. Lea’s got style! My other favorite characters are Quinn (Dianna Argon,) Puck (Mark Salling,) and Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch.) I could watch Sue Sylvester talk for hours on end. Quinn is just the cutest little thing–and her internal struggle is interesting to watch. And, well, you know, Puck is hot, so…. well….yeah.

This upcoming string of episodes has a stellar list of guest stars planned: Neil Patrick Harris(!), Kristin Chenoweth is coming back (hells yeah,) and Idina Menzel of Wicked fame are all lined up. And I simply can’t wait for the All Madonna episode airing April 20. In fact, here’s the TV Guide cover inspired by the Madonna episode… (how cute is Rachel?!?)

The Cast of Glee on TV Guide

I also don’t hate Mr. Shue. I like watching him spar with Sue Sylvester… but I wouldn’t mind it if he stopped rapping for a little while…


  1. Gilliebean

    I am unbelievably excited about “Glee” coming back! I think the writing is so smart and funny, and I loooove the cast and the music. Everything Jane Lynch says and does is gold. And I’m in love with Lea Michele’s voice. Rachel cracks me up. And Puck is pretty hot.

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