Today’s Must-Have: Count Me Healthy Bracelets

A couple of months before I moved to Hawaii, I had the pleasure of meeting Chelsea Gossett. We met through my last job and it was during one of our conversations about shoes and fashion that she revealed she was a jewelry designer. Upon my moving, she asked me to help her with her business and I’ve been working with her since.

Count Me Healthy Bracelet

Chelsea designs Count Me Healthy bracelets: they are sterling silver bracelets with movable beads. Why movable beads? Because Chelsea realized she more frequently reached her health and nutrition goals if she had a way to track her progress. And instead of using a cumbersome notebook, why not use a stylish bracelet? So she created these bracelets.

And they really are cute. There are a bunch of different types: the Original, Happy & Blessed, Golf Goddess, Bride to Be, and My Bridesmaids are just a few. Each type has a different moveable bead depending on the theme. One of the newer styles is Helping Hearts — with 25% of each bracelet sold goes to the WomenHeart organization.

So while I love the idea of a wearable tracking tool, I also really love how this bracelet looks–particularly when worn stacked. I usually wear 2-3 at a time and it really looks great. In fact, Count Me Healthy offers Sassy Stacks which comes with three bracelets–instant stackability!

CMH Bracelets worn stacked

The bracelets cost $88 each and are available online at and at select boutiques around the US. And stay tuned – Chelsea has some new styles hitting stores soon!

One comment

  1. jen swen

    i love my CMH bracelet! i have counted glasses of water, work outs per week, and cocktails per happy hour. fantastic idea and looks great with anything!

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