Sexy Summer Suits: Juicy Couture’s Cutest Styles

Summer starts in about five minutes and it’s time to find some fun bathing suits. Since I live in Hawaii, I’m always on the lookout for cute suits, but the selection’s been pretty limited until now–stores are just now unveiling new styles and looks.

While perusing online, I found two SUPER CUTE Juicy Couture one-piece suits. I generally don’t wear one-peices, but my mom got a really cute Juicy one last season and she looks great in it, so I wanted to see what they did this year. Here are my faves:

Juicy Couture Beach Ruffled Halter Swimdress

Juicy Couture Beach Ruffled Halter Swimdress

I love this navy suit. The shirred side seams will help hide any hip issues while trying to lose those pesky last five pounds. And I really like the halter neck. The ruffles are a cute addition that make this a little more playful vs. Marilyn Monroe bombshell-esque. Check plus. ($150, Nordstrom)

Juicy Couture Beach 'Limoncello' One Piece Swimdress

Juicy Couture Beach 'Limoncello' One Piece Swimdress

This yellow suit is also very cute. The bodice is long and shirred so you can pull it low if you’re feeling a little pooch-y or pull it up if you’re feeling 6 pack-y. I love this particular halter top–it’s got great support for the fuller-chested ladies. And I like the lack of ruffles… it’s a little more mature looking. If you have the skin tone to pull this off (ie. super tan/not pasty), I highly recommend this for laying poolside. Overall, I think the shirred side seams of both these suits are extremely flattering. As someone who enjoys a cocktail while sunning, I predict this type of suit will work out well for me this season! ($168, Nordstrom)

For all those bikini lovers, I thought I’d throw in this adorable Juicy two-piece, also in navy:

Shirred Skirted Bandeau Bikini

Juicy Couture Shirred Skirted Bandeau Bikini

I wish the model looked happier about wearing this because she looks great in it. It’s just the cutest little bikini: classy with full coverage and touch of sweetness with the ruffles. (top: $85; bottom: $98, Neiman Marcus; also available in red at Nordstrom)

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