Sexy Shades: Oliver Peoples Aviators

Oliver Peoples, Benedict

Oliver Peoples makes killer shades, particularly aviators. I’m a gigantic fan. BIG. HUGE. So big that the pair I own now is actually my third pair of Peoples glasses. My first two pairs were identical — gold chrome frames, perfect size brown/black lens — and I adored them. I’ve never in my life received as many compliments on sunglasses as I did with these (they were Benedict style.) My third pair was similar: gold frames and brown lens, but the size was a little smaller. Not John Lennon glasses but they are a wee bit small. Either way, the Peoples aviators are hot.

Oliver Peoples, Patten

I was recently shopping and came across some of their new styles– and there are a couple fabulous ones. My favorite new style is called Patten. It’s an aviator with silver frames and squarish lens with a blue-to-grey tint. They are outstanding. Unfortunately, they don’t look so good with my coloring BUT if you have brown hair, these will look HOT. I’d maybe even contemplate going brunette for these… (maybe.)


  1. Meredith (the one from high school...AND BEYOND)

    Patten….meant to be mine. And I think you are meant to be blond. I would stick with it. Few brunettes can rock it and you are one of the few.

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