Two Handbags I’d Love to Have. Like Right Now.

While perusing the New Additions section on Neimans website, I found two handbags I must have. Since my handbag obsession has taken a quiet haitus since I moved to Hawaii, I probably won’t get either. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still crave both–or encourage YOU to get them!

These bags are polar opposites–but only in price. One is $2495 and the other is $255. One is a popular and high-end brand, the other is an eco-friendly, vegan brand. But, they are both considered hobos and they’re both super cute. So enough with the teasing… let’s see the bags!

Jimmy Choo Python-Embossed Tie-Dye Hobo

I mean, how friggin hot is this bag? I LOVE IT. It’s a Jimmy Choo camel brown python-embossed leather with off-white tie-dye detail. I generally don’t love tie-dye but it works on this bag. The hardware is great, the shape is fabulous, and I like that it has tan suede lining. It’s just a great spring/summer bag. Man, Jimmy Choo makes hot bags. And yes, this is the $2495 one.

Matt & Nat Cleo Stud Hobo

Okay, so I think this bag is super cute. I love the studs, I love the layered leather, and I love the handle. This looks like an expensive bag to me… but’s totally affordable. The designer is Matt & Nat. I’m not super familiar with this designer but here’s what Neimans said: “Style-conscious and design-centric, MATT & NAT combines bold color, edgy silhouettes, and inventive materials in a collection that juxtaposes structured designs with sumptuous fabrics. A perfect balance of ethics and beauty, MATT & NATT reinvents what it means to be fashionably responsible, creating accessories void of animal by-products yet rich in style.”

Sounds good to me. And you can’t beat the $255 price tag. (Note: It’s vegan faux leather, so I’m curious what the texture of the bag is and how it moves. I mean, it’s cool that it’s not real leather and animal-friendly, but I’d want to make sure it looks and feels right before buying.)

Man, I really do love handbags.

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