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Lost: Only 8 Episodes Left! Ahhhh…

The cast of 'Lost'

I can’t believe Lost is ending in 8 episodes. While part of me is exited to see how the producers tie up all the loose ends, the other half loves seeing these characters each week. Particularly Jack, Kate, and Sawyer–their storylines are so interesting.

This season’s been pretty cool. Lots of seasons-old questions are getting answered and we’re seeing some characters address issues they’ve struggled with since the beginning of the show. The sideways stories of Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Ben, and Saied have really been neat to see. My favorite part of this season is how the producers and writer are weaving so many past island characters into sideways stories. Sideways = cool.

Some additional thoughts on the show:

– Miles is hilarious and I’m glad he gets as much air time as he does. Ditto on Hurley.

– I wish Claire wasn’t so crazy.

– If I were alone on an island and could only pick one person to have with me, I’d pick Saied. He’s just not messing around.

– Jacks hotter than Sawyer.

– I love Kate.

– Keep your fingers crossed I get a call to be an extra on the show. With only a few episodes left, it’s not looking good but I’m still hoping!

Gratuitous photo of Evangeline Lilly and me