Today’s List: Movies I Always Watch When They’re On TV (That Are Kind of Embarrassing)

Note: This is not a list of movies I love. It’s a list of movies I’m embarrassed to admit I love. Please don’t make too much fun of me….

Up Close and Personal (1996)

Up Close and Personal (1996)

Up Close and Personal
Maybe it’s because I’m a writer and by extension, sometimes feel like a journalist. Or maybe it’s because when I saw it in the theater with my mom, she turned to me at the end and said, that will be you! Or maybe it’s just because Robert Redford is extremely confident and sexy in this role. The reason doesn’t matter: I ALWAYS watch this movie when it’s on. I’ve seen it no less than 25 times. I’ve memorized Michelle Pfeiffer’s every mannerism. I know Robert Redford’s every move. I still cry at the end.

A Knight's Tale

A Knights Tale (2001)

A Knight’s Tale
For some reason, this movie makes me feel like I’m in on a private joke with the filmmakers. Every character makes me laugh. Plus, I fell in love with Paul Bettany in this movie.

The American President (1995)

The American President (1995)

American President
I’m not AS embarrassed by this one–it’s written by Aaron Sorkin after all. But Michael Douglas is so likable in this role. And you can almost see Sorkin casting Douglas’ chief of staff, Martin Sheen, as the President in his next big project, The West Wing.

Wimbledon (2004)

Wimbledon (2004)

Tennis, funny one-liners and Paul Bettany. Done.

Armageddon (1998)

Armageddon (1998)

How mortifying is this? For some indescribable reason, I love this movie. I love every one-liner uttered by Bruce Willis, every ridiculous ‘we-need-to-save-the-world’ cliche and every scene with Billy Bob Thorton. Yes, you read that correctly: I LOVE BILLY BOB THORNTON IN THIS MOVIE. I know. I’m shocked too.

Independence Day (1996), Transformers (2007) and Star Trek (2009)

Independence Day (1996), Transformers (2007) and Star Trek (2009)

Independence Day/Transformers/Star Trek
Who am I? (I told you this list would be embarrassing.)

Selena (1997)

Selena (1997)

I have no defense.


  1. shampoosolo

    I don’t think I have ever seen Up Close and Personal!!

    Otherwise, I agree with you on Wimbledon, Armageddon, and Star Trek (um, obviously, and it is on TV just about every single day now…).

    My list would include those and Blue Crush. And Legally Blonde which I have probably seen 50 times at this point.

  2. traceyharringtonmccoy

    I can’t believe I forgot the movie Dave. I LOVE the movie Dave too.

    I love Legally Blonde but didn’t think it was embarrassing to love it… hahaha! Blue Crush, on the other hand, is awful so it can be on the list. :)

  3. Gillian

    Love this. I will watch “The American President” and “Independence Day” every time as well (and I own them both! Totally not embarrassed about it either). My list would include “Coyote Ugly” and pretty much any action movie starring Bruce Willis (except “Armageddon,” sorry) or Harrison Ford (“Air Force One,” what what).

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