Katie Holmes Nails It in Midnight Blue Dress

I already wrote about this dress for Popeater.com, but I loved it so much I thought I’d give it some extra love on the Hot Pink List.

Katie Holmes Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Katie Holmes in midnight blue Contrarian dress

The basics:
Dress: Contrarian
Shoes: Lanvin
Bracelet: Lanvin

This dress is gorgeous and Katie looks sensational in it. The color is great, the shoe color is perfect and her hair and makeup complement the whole look very well.

Check plus, Mrs. Cruise, check plus.

Katie Holmes Los Angeles Film festival

Love the nude heels Katie paired with the dress

katie holmes don't be afriad of the dark premiere

Love Katie's hair and makeup

Katie Holmes at the Don't Be Afraid of the Dark premiere at the Los Angeles Film festival

Pockets!! Lovelovelove the pockets.

***My very hip and stylish friend Ann Marie just told me this dress is available at Singer 22 in lavender. The price is surprisingly just $381!



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