Newsroom. Watch It.

Couldn’t agree more! Newsroom is the best show on TV.

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One of the main reasons I started this blog is I wanted a platform to speak passionately and frequently about shows I love. Newsroom and Parenthood are the two that stick out in my mind.

Newsroom is surprisingly polarizing. Some people “hate watch” it and others love watching it. I’m in the latter camp.

I can’t imagine why anyone would hate watch it. Yes, sometimes it’s a little preachy but that doesn’t affect the entertainment value in my opinion. Some people just can’t stand Aaron Sorkin and his perceived ulterior agenda. Personally, I think the guy is the best writer in Hollywood. I could watch The Social Network and a Few Good Men on repeat.

At first, I wasn’t sure I would love the cast of this show. But I can’t see anyone else in any of these parts. Sure, Alison Pill can be irritating, but I actually find her…

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